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Company Profile


Founded in 2012, PT. ROLAS NUSANTARA MANDIRI (RNM) which is a state company belongs to PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII (PTPN XII), one of government owned company that concetrate in Agro Industry developing to produce the good quality products from the plantation, packaged its with the better packaging and a highly selling distribution to the public.

The basic value or philosophy of PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri is a good vision and mission that well summarized and represent the existence, namely :

Vision of PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri is Become a multi-business company excels in synergy and trustworthy.

Mission of PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri are :

• Satisfying customers through the best service with quality products and services.

• Give more value (added value) to the products that are conditioned upstream from both the parent company and other.

• Provide space for employees to work creatively in order to advance the company.

• Maximazing the long-term benefits to shareholders.

PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri continue to innovate by developing brands and products from plantation of PTPN XII in the form of coffee especially Coffee Luwak with a purity of 100%, Tea, Macadamia Nut, Chocolate, and bottled water into a more innovative forms, that is the establishment of Premium Rolas Coffee and Tea Cafe and Regular Ijen Cafe which having the main goal to be the first cafe in Indonesia that educates every individual to differntiate and experience the premium quality Indonesian agriculture products.

PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri currently has products in various categories, namely :


1. Rollaas Excellent Luwak Coffee with brands Rollaas Kopi Luwak Arabika and Rollaas Kopi Luwak Robusta.

2. Rollaas Excellent Coffee with brands Rollaas Java Coffee Jampit, Rollaas Java Coffee Peaberry, Rollaas java Coffee Maragogype, Rollaas Kopi Java Typica, Rollaas Java Coffee Blawan, Rollaas Java Coffee Kayumas.

3. Rollaas Excellent Tea with brands Rollaas White Tea and Rollaas Green Tea Yabukita

4. Rollaas Excellent Nut with brands Rollaas Macadamia Nut.


1. Rolas Tea Products with brands Rolas Premium Black Tea, Rolas Tea Original, Rolas Tea Jasmine, Rolas Tea Vanilla.

2. Rolas Coffee Products with brands Rolas Java Coffee Arabica, Rolas Robusta Coffee, Ijen CoffeeMix 3in1 Tubruk, Ijen CoffeeMix 3in1 Original, Kopi Lanang Malangsari Banyuwangi Sunrise Java, Kopi Lanang Malangsari, Kopi Bubuk Robusta Gunung Ijen.

3. Rolas Chocolate with brand Rolas the Finest Indonesian Chocolate.

4. Bottled Water with brand Airolas.

The ingridients for these products of PT. Rolas Nusantara Mandiri are supplied by Plantations owned by PT. PERKEBUNAN NUSANTARA XII (PTPN XII) as a parent of PT.ROLAS NUSANTARA MANDIRI (RNM), which are scattered throughout the East Java :



Kopi Arabika

Kopi Robusta

Kakao Edel

Kakao Bulk



Total Areal








Product originality, freshness, taste, and hygiene are the focus of PT.ROLAS NUSANTARA MANDIRI in producing quality products.

From these plantations of coffee, tea, macadamia nuts, chocolates,and bottled water are then processed in the processing unit located in the district of Malang, Jember and Banyuwangi.

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